The patient centered approach encompasses not only the patient but also the facility, the staff, and the physicians providing that care. As society and medicine evolves, the delivery of care will change on many levels. It is important to adapt and implement highly effective, technologically mediated, as well as advanced delivery models of care which can provide the appropriate balance to the patient.

Integrating best demonstrated practices and progressive concepts tailored to each facility; the patient experience and care can continue to be constantly evaluated and elevated.

The primary goal of TASS is to assist and provide the patient, facilities, and physicians with improved processes, documentation tools, information, outcomes data, tangible and usable metrics at a cost effective price. These solutions and strategies will enable the facility and its practitioners additional means to reach and maintain excellence.

Each patient and facility is unique and understanding the needs of the patient, surgeon, and the facilities is an integral component to providing the structure to continued great service and outcomes.

TASS is led by Dr. Stanford Plavin, a Board Certified Anesthesiologist, who has over 23 years of clinical, administrative, and leadership experiences in the ASC, hospital  and office based arenas. His training and background as well as inherent understanding of the needs of the key stakeholders offers a unique and flexible approach to the strategies and solutions needed to be successful in today's healthcare environment as well as positioning oneself for future success.

Below is a menu of resources and areas of focus;  in addition to the numerous relationships that TASS has in the industry.

  1. Quality and Oversight: Includes risk assessment and patient selection education and criteria
  2. Assistance with various support services for facility, patient, and surgeon
  3. Perioperative efficiency (Perioperative Solutions)
  4. Strategic planning and Operational leadership
  5. Quality assurance and evaluation process
  6. Accreditation and Licensure compliance
  7. Cost containment, financial and data management partnerships
  8. Assistance with appropriate credentialing and privileging of staff and providers
  9. Objective Performance review and reappointment review
  10. Peer Review process
  11. Implementation of facility, anesthesia, and surgeon evaluations including performance metrics, benchmarking, and review
  12. Principles of Team-Based health care and clinical partnerships (Ambulatory Anesthesia Partners)
  13. Analytics
  14. Consultative and process improvement review for ASC, Office based and hospital settings
  15. Patient and Employer Engagement (Employer Direct HR): epatientHR
  16. Clinical Research ​and engagement

Thank you for your time and careful consideration of Technical Anesthesia Strategies and Solutions.